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Dave Zollo-For Hire

Piano Man- Dave Zollo and the Body Electric

Kelly Pardekooper -LP

Milk in Sunshine

LP Release

Limited Vinyl Release

Kelly Pardekooper -CD

Milk in Sunshine

CD Release including

Many Extra Tunes from Kelly's Catalog That Have appeared on TV and Movie Soundtracks.

James Drieir-Familia

Latin Jazz

Dan DiMonte

The Runner The Ends The Space Between

Nic Arp

Tiny Wings

Americana Rock

Iowa city BAttle of the Bands 2012 Winners Runner Up

River Breitbach

Textural Acoustic and Band Arrangements. Memorable Lyrical Hooks.

Iowa city BAttle of the Bands 2012 Winners

Zeta June

STellar First Full Release. Off to the Festivals they go!

Greg Brown

featuring Bo Ramsey

Hymns for What is Left

Mike Mangione and the Union Chicago/Milwaukee Group Crafting Inventive and Lyrically Rich Tunes supported by Cello and Violin.

Produced by Bo Ramsey

Featuring Sam Salamon on Hammond B3 and John Kismel on Drums. KCCK High rotation and MidNight Jazz album.


(Ft. Collins Co.)

Releases Live Album Recorded at the Aggie Theater in Ft Collins and Mixed at Earthtone.

Ryne Doughty

CoProduced by Alex Ramsey

Emperors Club Debut Release


The Recliners-

A Collection of Reworked Favorites by Long Time Pop Locals

Dave Bess

Former Public Property Front Man Releases 1st solo Release

Enemies of Confusion

Treking from Dubuque to produce their first raw pop gem

Slip Silo Releases Second Record Produced at Earthtone!

Kelly Pardkoopers Returns from LA for a 3rd Record at EarthTone.

#1 CD Baby Americana Download. Congrats Kelly!

Thankful Dirt

Des Moines Based Darren and Molly Mathews craft artful songs with the help of Shame Train Rhythm Section

"the Bernaman Brothers"

Iowa City/Cedar Falls Debut by Lick it Ticket

A Collection of Acoustic Tunes by John Statz Produced by Bo Ramsey

Shelting Sky Delivers their their Reunion Follow up featuring Chicago's Thomas Pace

La Noche te da Sorpresas

32 Episode Radio Theater Series. In Spanish.

Uniphonics Debut CD Release

Pieta Brown

One and All

Pietas' Second Release receiving critical acclaim.

Record Supported by Recent tour with Mark Knopfler of Dire Straights

"Explorations in AfroBeat

Hard Hitting Rock Acrobats Item 9 release first Record

Another creative venture by the minds behind Joel Vanderheydens' KCCK CD of the month!

Giovanni Pagotti

Brazillian Jazz

KCCK RADIO AUGUST Feature Album by:

Joel Vanderheyden

Fourth Album from Ubiquitous Reggae Dub Groove Band:

Public Property

Produced By Bo Ramsey Chicago's Ernie Hendrickson

Produced By Bo Ramsey: Iowa Native Chad Elliott

Coralville United Methodist Church

Praise Band Vol. 1

Des Moines' Power Trio North of Grand

Bo Ramsey


Public Property

"Explorations in AfroBeat

Grismore Scea
"Well Behaved Fish"

Jeffrey Foucault
"Ghost Repeaterl"

Catfish Keith

Public Property
"What's goin' Down"

Andre Williams

Dave Zollo
"Uneasy Street"

The Diplomats
"Instrumental Action Soul"

House of Large Sizes
"Little House on the Prarie"

House of Large Sizes
"Glass Cockpit"

Big Wooden Radio
"Big Wooden Radio"

Kelly Pardekooper
"Haymaker Heart"

Diplomats of Solid Sound
"Destinatio... Get Down"

Bent Scepters
"Blind Date with Destiny"

Bent Scepters
"Hellevator Music"

Shame Train
"She Know the Score"


Bo Ramsey and the Backsliders

Kelly Pardkooper
"Johnson County Snow"

Clockwerk Orange

Brother Trucker
"Brother Trucker"

"holding the lights on"

Nic Arp
"Places and Words"

"Various Artists"

Kelly Pardekooper
"Haymaker Heart"

Jensen Connection

Shame Train

Aerosol Halo
"The light of Day"

Saul Lubaroff Quartet
"Blues for Zane & Will"

Iowa Compilation
"Number 4"

Iowa Compilation
"A few works after Drink"

The Skunk River Bandits
"This Is Not The Life I Ordered"

The Mittens

Martin Carpenter

North of Grand

Divin Duck

Iowa Ctiy Yacht Club & EarthToneStudios

Winners Receive FREE Recording Time and Lots of It!!!

2014 Winners

Surrounded By Giants

Flannel Season

Sign Up Soon at the Yacht Club IC

Records Coming Soon



Tom Jessen



Black Forest Ham


John Svec

Loose Ends

A New Release from




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